Oh Lordy, looking for a replacement car

One of my besties, Chelle, is with me. We are kind of stalled at the Winter Springs Starbucks on 434.

The Kia on US 17-92.

We ate too much Greek food and wine—one glass each is enough for us lightweights. We were hungry, she especially cause she drove over from Flagler County. So, we went to eat after our first stop at Greenway/Longwood Kia. They got real pushy. I must have said, at least seven or eight times, “I’m not buying the the first car I test drive.” That was Chelle’s estimate.

When the salesman kept dropping in monthly payment—started at $234, and ended at $137—and I kept saying, “No,” he brought over his boss. Chelle said, “It was beyond obnoxious.”

It’s such bullshit. They think they are the only dealership who will do this monthly payment drop? I’m trying to make a $10,000 down payment and finance the rest.

So far we’ve checked out Carvana—only online and Auto Nation. This is one time I wish I lived in Nascaria (Daytona) cause the Auto Nation there is the size of a small city and carries about ten brands.

So, we are going to head toward Sanford. Next stop Napleton VW.

Sigh. Ugh.

Chelle is highly caffeinated now. I might need a taser.

That’s Chelle ordering her second chocolate cream cold brew.

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