Just sitting outside…

…under overcast skies near Orlando. I just misted my plants with water. It seems that, even following directions, I might have over neem-oiled them. All is not lost. I found the misting idea online. Maybe I neem-oiled them too soon after repotting. I waited a week. Maybe I should have given them more time.

In any event, they are having a better week than people in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York—especially.

Every time there is a mass shooting, survivors are reminded of the shittiest days of their lives. It’s been a horrible week. I don’t even know a soul directly connected to any of the American mass shootings, and I feel sad, depressed, angry, drained, angry, angry, and angry some more. I can only imagine the raging emotions survivors of this kind of horror endure.

When is this shit going to stop? When are political candidates going to honestly confront the fact that this is almost exclusively an American phenomenon. The phrase I used up above, “…American mass shooting…” is practically redundant. This is NOT a good place to be in.

Texas Senator, and official POS poster idiot, Ted Cruz, has his ugly head buried in the Texas dirt. He can’t face the questions a British journalist posed to him about why these shootings seem to only happen in America. Yeah, we can send ‘em to law school; it don’t make ‘em smart.

Responsible, intelligent people need to get out to the polls and vote out these politicians bought by the NRA. The NRA is due for a comeuppance. It needs to face a bitch named, Karma.

I’ll leave you with this sad, and honest cartoon I swiped from Facebook today.

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