Wednesday’s lunch break

I haven’t done a lunch break post since pre-accident, so before August 5, 2021.

And, no I’m not having sushi. Like Publix, Sprout’s has $5.00 sushi on Wednesdays. I’m eating leftover tofu with mushrooms and couscous. I’m not in the mood for it, probably because I DID bring it from home. It’s always like that. Food from home: nope, want something else.

I really don’t feel like eating, period. I got my second booster at the Publix pharmacy near my home on Monday. I made my appointment for after my dermatologist appointment (more on that later). Boy, did this shot give me some nasty side effects.

I initially got Pfizer as my first two vaccinations. When the boosters got rolled out, it was recommended that it might be good to mix them. So, I got the Moderna. It gave me side effects that felt like a cold for the first day.

Since I had almost zero side effects from my first two Pfizers, I went with Pfizer for my second booster. Holy crap, I woke up yesterday feeling like I got hit by a train. I had the chills so bad: I slept under two blankets, a sheet and a throw while wearing a sweatshirt and I was still shivering. Then my face got hot. Not my whole body, just my face.

I had to call out and I’m glad I did, because as the day wore on, I felt worse. I barely ate anything. I felt like I was going vomit all day, so I had to force myself to eat something.

Today I feel better, but I’m not there yet.

Before my shot I had a dermatologist appointment at my doctor’s new spacious digs. When someone left a message on my phone on Friday to remind me of the appointment, they gave me the address of the new office, which like the old, is in Oviedo, but the street didn’t seem like a street where a medical complex would be.

That’s because it is IT’s OWN medical complex. Holy shit, I thought I was arriving at a ski chalet. Checking in at the desk was like checking into a fancy hotel.

Dr. Jeff (Moskowitz), is in my top three docs. My other faves are my orthopedic (Ron Hudanich), and my primary (Deborah Lauridsen). So, he’s fancy office worthy. Lol.

I’m glad my skin lesions are helping to fund this palace.

The high ceiling reminded me of Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood.
I was lounging when they called me. I’m surprised I didn’t crash and drool all over myself.

I asked about that tree cross section at the check-in desk. It kind of looked like it could have been an oak. “Oh, it’s from Indonesia.” “Indonesia?”asked excitedly, “Was it packed full of bags of coffee? Cause that stuff is the best on the planet!” The receptionist just giggled at me. I guess she has no idea about the depth of my Indonesian coffee passion. Sigh.

And, oh goodie, Brooke (ARNP), had to do a biopsy. In two weeks I should know whether or not it’s cancerous.

Sigh, again.

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