Bo was suspicious

It’s too damp out here,” he’d say if he spoke English.

We got our rain. Last last night, technically, early this morning. And boy did we. A couple of days ago, when local meteorologists saw the huge swath of storms headed at an angle toward the Southeast and reaching to the Northeast, they thought there was a good chance our rain wouldn’t be that heavy.

This is what we got.

This about 12 hours ago.

Meteorology is constantly changing. It kind of has that in common with psychology. Sometimes predictions are a crap shoot. Funny, I never thought of it before, but late in life I realized I could have loved being a meteorologist. It might be that bit of unpredictability that draws me in. That explains my love life. Ha! I digress. The storm produced a lot of lightning. One strike totally lit up my room. I loved the cracks and booms.

Thus, when I decided to go outside and take little Bo with me, he was hesitant. He was thinking, I smell dampness. I’m not going out there. He stood on the step, his nose twitching, a tiny bit of his tookus still in the hallway, so I gently closed the door to encourage him to go out and use the facilities. He finally did, but this boy does not like water. This fur baby was not born with his Sun or Moon in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. I think this guy is an earthy Taurus.

Vickie just let him in. Boy, he ran in like he was escaping prison.

Our sky looks overcast and pale gray. I took this photo about half an hour ago. Since then the clouds have turned slightly more purple-ish. Not sure if we are getting more rain.
Only 20% coverage.

I guess, we will have to see what happens. Also, kind of like my love life. There is more coffee inside. I feel it’s gravitational pull.

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