Political memes

WARNING: I AM A LIBERAL. If you are a modern day conservative, you will not like these. So, it’s best if you move along.

Most are humorous. Some are not.

This sums me up well. She will be missed as all visionaries are missed.
No apologies. I’m a thinking person.
He’s a cancer among humanity. If you can’t see that there is something wrong with your cognition. Now, there is empirical evidence of that.
I voted for Andrew.
Most of us hope and pray.
Long time Floridians will get this. Google her, if you want. She was a pre-historic whack job.
The shit head putting the screws to Florida.
Seriously, this is not an exaggeration. The GOP does not cate about the average American. It’s the party of no compassion.
Thomas should never have been affirmed. Anita Hill is laughing and saying, “Yeah, I told y’all he had issues.” Maybe he ended up with this low quality woman as his wife because he IS a serial sexual harasser.
He should resign; she should be investigated by the January 6th Committee.

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