I broke my favorite mug…

…and I’m super pissed. I was putting together a collection of political memes for a blog post and the cheap ass fucking stiff Walmart brand charging cord literally knocked the mostly empty mug off the table.

This mug was an homage to my cat, Merlin. He was the smartest cat I ever had. He was goofy, too. He wasn’t as goofy as Cammie, who was very smart also.

Merlin in Port Charlotte.

Cammie died in December 2020. Merlin died the Year of the Hurricanes—2003.

Cammie in Winter Springs.

I decided to go sit in the yard with Bo and work on my meme blog.

Conservatives won’t like it.

I don’t care. They are going down a road even their heroes—Reagan, Bush (first and second), McCain—wouldn’t travel. They are scary people.

I can’t shut up anymore.

Those who want to see it, will soon.

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