Prelude to weird work stories

It’s 3:28 pm. I am still in the breakroom at work because my driver is working at Walmart till 4:00. I only had to extend my shift by 1.5 hours. So, I clocked out at 2:30. Half an hour of that 1.5 hours was lunch.

Extending my shift to five or more hours means I HAVE to have a lunch. No biggie; I’m always hungry. It’s a bloody miracle I don’t weigh 250 pounds.

Got here so early the damn sign wasn’t lit yet.

It’s 7:55 pm. I am home and getting ready to make my dinner. I’m eating the second half of a pre-made deli sandwich from Sprouts. No condiments are put on them, so they don’t get soggy. I going to have butternut squash soup and these interesting Philly cheesesteak spring rolls.

I know they sound bizarre. I got them at Publix last night in frozen foods. They are not an Asian type of spring roll. They are like little mini Phillies put inside spring roll wraps. They are kind of tasty.

Yeah, weird, huh?

Whoa! I just ate. I’m exhausted. I will have to finish my work stories post tomorrow.

You all have a good night. I will return on Saturday. I have a list of goofy stories that happened work. Names will be changed. I wanted to write something kind of light hearted because of the horrendous events occurring in Ukraine.

Please, think about those stuck in and escaping Ukraine. Pray this war Putin has begun is very short lived.

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