Another early work day

That’s Mt. Hood as my Lock Screen wallpaper.

Vickie dropped me off around 6:15 am. She needs to be at her job at 7:00 am. She works about three miles down the street. My shift starts at 8:30 am.

I’m having breakfast in the breakroom at Sprouts. Since I know I’m going to get here very early I don’t eat breakfast at home. It gives me a little more sleep.

I’m probably going to have second breakfast.

I probably got about four hours of shut eye. I was wound up and had to read some fiction to unwind a little. I think I shut the book at 12:15 am. I got up at 4:30 am.

I awoke with the wisps of my dream playing in my mind. I dreamed I was a fugitive of some kind. I have no idea what crime I perpetuated or was accused of. I just awoke and thought, oh, I guess the Catholicism isn’t beaten out of me yet.

I suppose I was wound up by the news reports on how Russia fucked up the world by invading Ukraine. Putin is a dirt bag. It’s going to get scarier before it gets better. I pray that Putin isn’t crazy enough to dip into his country’s nuclear arsenal. He is, I’m convinced, a narcissistic psychopath. He’s intelligent and cunning-two traits that don’t blend well with dirt bag. I feel horrible for the Ukrainian people.

I can’t even imagine how terrifying it must be to live in a war zone. There are going to be thousands of refugees, probably hundreds of thousands. Better that than casualties, though.

Just as the COVID pandemic seems to be, hopefully, entering an endemic phase and this Russian scumbag has to prove he has a pair of balls. Loser.

It’s angering and depressing.

From CBS Evening News last night.

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