Been a shitty birthday, so far

I borrowed this from the internet. I’ve seen this same photo used by others with no mention of its origins. How rude. I believe I first got it by saving it on Pinterest. I sure wish I was in this kind of environment now. I pictured myself traveling with a partner by the time I reached this age.

There have been four of these kinds of emotional entanglements with men in my life. Makes me wonder what I am doing so wrong that I can only attract men who initiate interest and then not complete what they started, and simultaneously perform indirect indications that they ARE interested.

Why don’t these guys get counseling? I’m tired of being the conduit for their eventual realization that they have issues.

It’s exhausting, painful and depressing.

Being empathic has its downside.

Editorial Note: it’s 3:15 am Sunday morning. Later in the evening on Saturday, I realized that some of my depression is due to having no car for over six months now. Having to depend upon others for errands, and rides to/from work, and not having the freedom to just grab my keys and even go for a drive to unwind, explore, or think is really wearing me down. I pray that there is money enough left in my settlement check to get a decent used car. I think the donation car route is going to be a long wait. Boy, you get in an auto accident in a state that mandates no fault auto insurance and the innocent drivers get royally screwed.

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