Oh man, exhausted

I was asked to stay till 2, then 2:30, then, “How long can you stay?” Then, “Stay as long as you want.”

My ride was picking me up around 4. So, that was my limit.

It was a weird day. Very slow for a few hours. Then a few pops where we got bombed. It was just two of us and the head cashier, who has chores besides ringing orders. We were down a cashier who was over three hours late.

I thought I would be finishing that blog I started writing at 6:30 this morning. I’m beat. I went too long without taking my second doses of happy meds. So, I got depressed.

I finally took them about an hour ago; I’m starting to feel better.

I think I’m going to have to finish it tomorrow-on my 26th birthday-yeah, I wish.

I was ringing up a man who was buying navel oranges. He swore that the sign said, “4 for $5.” I explained that oranges are sold by weight. We were slammed. I had to leave my register and go take a photo to show him he was wrong. Then he only wanted two oranges. People!

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