Bo likes no rain

It’s very overcast today, but no falling water. This makes Bo happy. He explored the yard and interrupted my brief greeting to our cool neighbor-her husband is the source of contact highs-by trying to munch on the oxalis.

White-gray sky today.
Bo sticking his mug into my phone’s camera lens.

I just returned from my OBGYN oncologist appointment, with Dr. Seward. To quote her, “You’re pink and healthy,” forgive the TMI, but she’s a goofy extrovert. I really like her. She continued, “but, I want to see you in three or four months, and a week before that appointment, I want you to get another trans-vaginal ultrasound. We gotta make sure that lining (uterine) is not thickening up again. Cause if it is, we have to do something else.” “You mean take out the uterus?” I asked. “Yes.” “Well, I guess I’m doing better than my mom. She had hers removed before she hit 40.”

Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies. Just south of Downtown Orlando. I see Dr. Seward at the office down there. It’s across the street from the hospital.
Winnie Palmer is next to ORMC (Orlando Regional Medical Center), which is kind of its old name. Orlando Health was created and has many facilities under its umbrella.

Then, noticing my birthday was coming up on Saturday, she asked what I was going to do. “Bury my face in a key lime pie.” She laughed and said, “God, that sounds like a good plan!”

When I reflect on my mom’s hysterectomy happening, I realize I was about 7 and my mom explained the whole procedure to me, including what a uterus was and how babies grew there. I’m so happy my parents steered me toward geekdom. Almost no adult topic was off limits. I swear it’s the reason my curiosity is a bottomless pit and helped me see how things were all interconnected.

I think I inherited her ability to see the big picture first and then see where to begin dissecting the details. I was blessed with two exceptionally aware and intelligent parents. I miss them both.

After my appointment I had to run some errands. I needed to stop by Sprouts to talk to my boss about getting some extra hours. “It’s hard with your availability now, but I will see what I can do.” I also needed some more Adkins-friendly lunch food. Of course, I got sucked down the BOGO chocolate aisle. The chocolate bars are aisle-mates with the coffee, both whole bean and ground. This is evil. So, I ended up with two not so Adkins-friendly bars of deliciousness. God bless the Maya!

From there I went to our Winter Springs Publix for sausage gravy. We are making country fried steaks tonight. In fact, prepping is about to begin in 15 minutes.

I had to let Bo in. He was scratching at the door. I’m still outside, but I’m getting chilly. Hell must be freezing over.

Bo enjoying some dry concrete.

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