Happy, oh who gives a crap?

I hate Valentine’s Day.

It sucks being single on this day that devolved into one in which romantic love is celebrated.

Honestly, I hope you couples, who are happily coupled, are having a great mushy day.

Just like last year, I’m selling cards and bouquets. Oh the joy.

This is my day so far:

Lunch, pastrami and Swiss on marbled rye.
Valentine’s cookie from work
Meeting new vegetables. WTF is that? None of us up front had ever seen this. It’s not labeled. Customer decided against it.

Edit: it’s a Kholrabi, it’s a kind of cabbage. Pat read this and texted me with the info. I told ya she knows her plants and critters. She said she grows them in her garden,

The closest I’ll get to receiving roses.
I took this shot at the Winter Springs Publix the other day.

I thought this was hilarious. I took this at Publix, too. I took the above photo, turned around and saw this: BOGO ketchup. Nothing says, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” like buy one-get one Heinz Ketchup. Ketchup is an abomination.

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