It’s a floribunda

Pretty sure it’s a floribunda mini rose.

At least that’s what Pat thinks. I agree. She knows her plants and critters. She has an fine arts degree from USF, but I swear, she could have been a biologist. Easy!

I’m outside with Bo and my last cup of coffee. Bo did not want to come outside. It’s been raining off and on. Currently, it is not raining, but the ground is wet. He does not like wet. He’d make a lousy fish.

I had to pick him up and put him outside. This is his second yard trip with me today. He wasn’t thrilled with the dampness then, either. But, I sat out with him till I thought he’d emptied himself. Nope, peed on the kitchen floor twice-while I was trying to scramble eggs. I love the little guy, but at times like these I really miss having a cat.

Plop. “Here’s your toilet.” “Ok, mom, got it.” Scratch, scratch, dig, dig.

Oh geeze, Bo is hanging out behind my chair. I know if I let him inside he’s going to leave me some gifts on the kitchen floor. He won’t budge even though we are presently getting some clearing.

Earlier I went searching for what kind of mini roses I had. I settled on floribunda and sent pics to Pat. She confirmed it. The closest color I could find was called cream veranda. It’s a very pale pink.

I pilfered this from the internet.

Great, our especially low class next door neighbor brought out his leaf blower to blow oak leaves off of twenty feet of walkway. That’s a new level of supreme laziness matched with frivolous polluting. Leaf blowers have to be one of the dumbest inventions ever. Ooh, let’s blast some more dead dinosaurs into the air because we are too fucking lazy to use a rake, broom or shovel. God, I hate those fucking things.

At least it lasted mere seconds, cause like I said, twenty feet of walkway. Dumbass.

I’m really sick of stupidity. Is it obvious? I sure hope so.

Well, my coffee is gone, and Bo wants inside, and I have work to do upstairs.

“Whaaa, it’s too wet and I want a Dentastix.”
The Plant family hanging out with my coffee.

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