Free association Saturday

I said I had a blog post brewing. It’s still brewing, and I really don’t feel like stringing together coherent thoughts and sentences. I just pushed it writing these last two.

So, here are some free association thoughts and photos.

Am I going to be successful in landing a at home job?

I want that job to involve writing.

Still waiting on a settlement check.

God, I can’t believe how old I’m turning on February 19th.

Connie’s birthday is on the 13th. The card I sent is going to be late.

I’m still lucky 🍀

I think I want pancakes and eggs for dinner-I have blackberries.

I’m glad it’s not obnoxiously hot outside. I think we are supposed to get a cool front.

I’m sick of her call outs to work. I wish I could pull money out of my ass like she can.

Yeah, when you split bills with people cause you live with them, that gives them the right to be up in your business about how much you actually work and earn. So, fuck your pissy attitude.

I’m gonna blow up at her soon.

I took this earlier when I was out in the yard with Bo.
I think these are too big to be squirrel holes.

I’m outside I heard something glass hit the livingroom floor and break.

Yeah, it was one of my jarred candles. The Call Out roommate broke it. Too much trouble to move the candle when she shoves the table in some direction.

My domestic situation HAS to improve. I want drastic improvement. It can be sudden drastic improvement. I can deal with that kind of stress.

It’s 6:03 pm EST.

Do I have any more coffee left? It’s mostly decaf.

My plant collection is growing. Is that a pun?

Light is fading.

I want more coffee.

Should I make more?

Am I going to be single the rest of my life?? Yesterday I was convinced I was. Today, I kind of still think that, but I care much less.

Earlier today.

I wish I could make Vickie’s orthopedic issues go away. She’s working on getting to the doctor.

I wish I could take away the pain being experienced by everyone I love.

Why does someone born and raised in the US go ski in the Olympics for China, or any other country? Why doesn’t that person just stay there?

Am I ever going to get another functional car?

I wish we really did have a house elf. We would pay him or her.

I wish we could afford a house elf.

I’d love to go on a reading vacation for about a month.

Why do I keep attracting men who make the first moves and then at the last second chicken out. Am I not worth the trouble? That is how it makes me feel. 😡🥵💔💔💔💔❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹

The window of opportunity for him to talk to me and explain his behavior and feelings, or express that he is working on the issues is closing quickly.

Wow! The breeze just knocked a boatload of leaves off the oak trees. Feels like rain on the way.

Are we supposed to get rain?

I hope Russia does not invade Ukraine.

Putin and trump should be strapped to rockets and sent into space.

I’m actually getting chilly.

Cool clouds from about 2 pm.

I think I will go check on how much coffee is left in my thermos.

Sky at around 6 pm.
Sky just moments ago, at 6:21 pm.

EDIT: 2:08 am Friday March 11th:

I hate it when I find something that needs to be edited weeks after it’s been posted.

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