My brain is buzzing and I have to get up in four hours

Another night of being tired and as soon as I shut off the lights, my mind pops into action. Yay!

My UCF Counseling Center stress ball.

I didn’t work last week because of a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, which turned out to be fortuitous because I thought I might have COVID. It turned out to be what I was 99% sure it was: a sinus infection. Thank God,

This week, my roommate, Rose, is the one with the possible case of COVID.

Friday night she started sneezing her head off, while I was sitting less than six feet away, in the livingroom. She’s not so good at covering her mouth and nose when she sneezes. I asked what the gunk from her nose looked like. Her response, “Clear.” “Yeah, you need to get tested. It’s not a sinus infection.”

I googled the sneezing symptom. Yeah, it’s rising in frequency. Plus, her throat was scratchy. She got banished to her bedroom. Today, I asked through her closed door how she felt. Her throat felt worse.

I’m glad I googled COVID tests for her on Saturday. She’s getting tested on Monday at 11 am, at our local Walgreens.

I am kind of angry she never got boostered, even though she’s been eligible since about October or November.

She’s immunocompromised 4-5 different ways. So, if anyone in our household was a magnet for COVID, it’s her.

I pray she doesn’t have it because I am worried about how she’ll come out of it. But, I’m also worried about Vickie, or me getting it.

That’s one of the things keeping me up.

I think I got this from when I was separated and going through a divorce.

I’ve been fine for weeks keeping thoughts of a certain man who hurt me out of my mind. The last two days, he’s taken up residence in my brain.

Lastly, I’m extremely terrified of money shortages. Don’t have my rent. My Go Fund Me donations have been down. Please understand that I am extremely grateful for every dime I’ve received. I appreciate everything. But, I need a miracle to pay my rent. I am not even exaggerating. Not even a little.

Ok, I vented a but. I think I’m going to try and go to sleep.

You all have a good week.❤️‍🩹🙏🏻🍀

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