Still hangin’ in there

Rose and I went to Publix. Her car is finally fixed, so she drove us. That’s good cause, I’ve been feeling dizzy all day. Maybe I cut down too much on the carbohydrates.

I’ve been doing Adkins. I need to drop some weight. The first two weeks are the most restrictive on the carbs. Sometimes you have to stretch the first two weeks into three weeks. I might have to go that route.

The first time I went on it I was in my early 40’s. I think my body has changed a little in twenty years. It blows my mind it’s BEEN twenty years.

It was a quick trip to the store. I only needed about five things. I’m really low on cash and am worried about how I’m going to pay rent, health and dental insurance and utilities.

I’m trying to stay positive. My roommate, Vickie, and I are working on a plan that, hopefully, will get me to Sprouts for more than two shifts a week. If I can work early mornings, Vickie can give me rides to and from work. I texted my immediate boss about it yesterday. She said she’d try to do something for me.

I hope it works out. I hate having to do Go Fund Me beg-a-thons. I do very much appreciate all the help and I truly needed it. I still need help getting over this transition to almost normality.

The accident messed up my life on every level. And, I’m stuck with injuries I’ll be dealing with probably the rest of my life. I’m still in the mood to sue Rothman Orthopaedics, but when my energy returns.

I do know how lucky I am I was not killed-or anyone else. Actually, in truth, I don’t know the final outcome of the shot unconscious man who caused this wreck. He was in stable condition, but still unconscious. That was late night after the accident on 8/5.

But, rumor has it he was up to no good. Thanks, dude.

At least the trip to Publix was productive. I got some very stale lottery tickets checked. I won ten bucks on Cash 4Life. I’ll take what I can get.

I’m grateful. Still fighting the sinus infection, but it wasn’t COVID. I’m grateful.

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