Sinus infection, blech

This infection seems to be taking a circuitous route in improving.

I went to my primary doctor on Tuesday. I got a negative COVID test, thank God. Then Dr. Lauridsen looked up my nose and saw the post nasal drip and decided I did have sinus infection.

I got a prescription for an anti-biotic and one for a steroid. I almost always need the steroid cause my sinuses get so inflamed and really clog me up.

Yesterday, it seemed like I was getting a little worse. My sinuses had that bubbly, burning sensation I get when they are infected and the chills returned, but not so severe.

I think I got to my doctor just as the infection was about to get worse. Now, that I’m into my third day of medication, I think I’ll start getting better.

My biggest concern right now is not having the money to pay rent $(375, my part), water and electricity ($70, about for my part on each), my health insurance premium ($27) and my dental insurance premium ($8).

I’m really, really worried. Please, if you can, go to my Go Fund Me campaign page and read my story. I have links peppered throughout my blog. I’ll do a ping back.

Also, I have a PayPal account, that’s empty, but if that is easier for anyone, who has a PayPal account. My account is

I really am getting scared.

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