Orlando looks like Portland

Just a moment ago-6:36 pm.
I think this was about an hour ago. Weird that the temperature rose a degree in a short period of time.
Around 4:00 pm just outside my primary care physicians office in Oviedo.
I stopped at the Publix just down the street from Dr. Lauridsen’s office.

By the way, I’m COVID negative. Sunday, I felt horrible. I had to call out on Monday. I used sick pay to cover that. Thank God I have that. I had a scratchy throat, pounding headache, a feeling I was getting a low grade fever, and had sore muscles.

Ok, the last thing was due to spending three days, cleaning, purging, and dusting (was wearing a painter’s mask mist of the time), and then my body saying to me, “What the hell? You are making us move? Making us work? Well, that sucks.”

My torn rotator cuff wasn’t happy either. But, it is less sore than I thought it would be by today. I had to do the work. My environment had been depressing for over four years. The addition of Vickie to our home has re-energized me housework-wise because she values a clean organized home. There is more work to do and I hate that this rotator cuff injury has me bridled.

So, no COVID. I do, however, have a sinus infection.

Yay! Antibiotics and steroids. Better than COVID; I’ll take it.

There is an ugly rumor circulating that Omicron is a sinus infection. Laughable and scary. For funzies, I asked Deborah Lauridsen MD: “Just for curiosity and to settle an argument, is Omicron a sinus infection?” She emphatically responded, “NO, absolutely not.” I continued, “Yeah, the logic does not even back that up. A cold and the flu affect your upper respiratory system and your sinuses, but neither of them are sinus infections.” “Exactly!”

I will probably write more on this tomorrow. This is just a quickie post.

This is what Daytona Beach looked at around 6:00 pm tonight.

The screenshots are from the WKMG Channel 6 weather app. Photos of my TV screen are of 5:00-6:00 pm WKMG broadcast tonight.

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