Still struggling with bills due to auto accident in August in

The hallway to Complete Care which, in my case, turned into Incomplete Care because they and my auto insurance company, State Farm, are suing each other.

Kristin, the ARNP, at Rothman Orthopaedics, to which I will never return, nor recommend to anyone, points out something on the X-Ray of my right shoulder.

What started all of this. Top: my destroyed 2005 Pontiac G6. Bottom: the Ford Ranger that hit three cars. I think this is when they took the driver out of his truck. He was unconscious because he’d been shot. My lawyer told me he was up to no good.

My settlement check is a long way off. Medical bills still be sorted through. There is only $21,000 to work with. I have no idea how much will end up in my bank account. Or, when.

I appreciate all donations.

I also have a PayPal account: You can donate that way, if you already have your own PayPal account.

Thank you, everyone.

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