Purging continues

I’m pulling an older trick. I’ve been up for hours and and am just now eating and having java.

Coffee under construction.

After chow, I’m going up to my room to continue my purging and cleaning. Later, Rose is taking me to Publix. I’m starting Adkins again: very low carbs for two weeks, then gradually adding them in.

Nope, it’s not a diet heavy on the bacon. Read the damn book. Lean protein. Tofu and fish are recommended. Very small amounts of red meat. I’ll be preparing protein-filled snacks, like deviled eggs, and chicken salad.

My still cooking eggs sprinkled with tumeric and black pepper. I ate a lot of eggs on Adkins

I did this in the early 2000’s. The weight loss was dramatic and I stayed on it for six, seven years-until my finances imploded. I kept the weight off and it’s the healthiest I ever felt in my life. I was living proof that it is very hard for poor people to eat healthy. My weight ballooned.

I build muscle quickly and I think my body just wants more protein.

The really interesting thing that happened during the first couple of weeks was that every craving I had evaporated. I didn’t want ice cream, flavored coffee creamers, cookies, cake, or chips of any kind. Of course I only rarely craved those before. I’m still not a big chip fan unless they are chips with a purpose, like served with guacamole, salsa or as nachos. And, oh yeah, I didn’t crave bread. I grew up close enough to Ybor City to appreciate Cuban bread and garlic toast.

Adkins is an expensive diet, but I have to make it work. Also, since I still have no car, I’ll need to find at home workouts. Since I can’t get my rotator cuff surgery (thank you unconscious, stupid shot man), I have to research ways to help me help it heal.

I’m eating now and Bo is sitting under my table boring holes into me in an attempt to arouse sympathy for the cute, marble eyed doggie who is not starving, but wants a taste.

The only time this kind of begging bothers me if it turns into standing up on hind legs and pawing me. I easily ignore it. I have no sympathy for well fed house critters who want to sample fried eggs or blueberry bagels.

I have seen a good deal of creative food beggars. Most of them were cats. I once saw a cat try to knock the last bite of pizza from someone’s hand. They are good at running away with unattended food, especially, if the pet parents allow them to get onto kitchen counters. When I do have kitties, a few rules are: no cats on tables, or kitchen counters. And they are smart enough to learn to distinguish between different kinds of tables and counters.

No pets for me for a while. I’d love to have a new fur baby, but I want to stabilize my life: finances and domicile conditions.

I might be popping by later. It depends upon how much purging I’m getting done.

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