Wow! It’s not 80 degrees outside

I’m in the yard with Bo. I only just went outside for the first time today about 20 minutes ago.

My sleep schedule is so screwed up. I didn’t go to bed until after 5:00 am. I’ve just had so much on my mind. Anyway, going to sleep that late means I slept late. I hate it.

So, I’m in the yard with Bo and it’s chilly-for Florida-and very windy. I don’t think Bo likes the wind. He was hanging out under my chair, but he just strolled down to the gate. I think the breezes were freaking him out a little.

This is Bo. I like to call him, Bo Bo the Wonder Dog, just cause.

Bo was actually shivering, so we went inside. I’m suspicious it was a ploy so I’d give him a Dentastix, which I did. He’s so cute when I get near where the package is kept and he does his little circular dance, and looks up at me with his black marble eyes and I hear his doggie toenails tapping in the floor. Yes, I gave him a Dentastix.

I guess today’s biggest news is that it’s not boiling hot outside. I’m still in lounging clothes, so it felt pretty chilly. Even though in the ancient history of the 1960’s-1980’s, it almost never reached the 80’s in Florida this time of year, I’m stunned it was 65 degrees. In fact, for the next ten days the daily high temperature is supposed to stay in the 60’s.

I might be back later. I’m going to go work on some purging upstairs in my room.

Oh the joy.

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