Ruminating late in the morning

A ton of crap on my mind. I have to do an update on my Go Fund Me page. I want to help Vickie write hers, if she still wants one. She’s having a hell of a time too.

Plus, there is other household drama that I’m trying to nip in the bud. I wrote four pages of stuff to work out with this person.

Things have to change or our household will shrink.

I’m sick of what’s been happening for so very long. It’s time for transformation. Vickie had been my awakening, and has given me more energy to deal with the domestic issues.

We are living here without a lease and I’m pretty sure that has escaped the manager and the landlord. These apartments offer rolling five year leases, so tenants can just stay on without have to negotiate things. December 31, 2021 completely ended my lease; I am the only one on it.

Not having a lease leaves us free to leave without notice, which will probably do AS SOON AS THAT FRIGGING MIRACLE GETS HERE.

Interestingly, last weekend we had a leak under the kitchen sink. The landlord, Joe, who really is a nice guy, has been the maintenance dude. He and an actual plumber came Monday and fixed our leak. It was the garbage disposal. Our faucet was beginning a slow drip, so he gave us a brand new one. He also fixed about four other things that needed fixing that I hadn’t yet told him about. I was kind of shocked. He also made arrangements for pest control to come by.

Still, we deserve better and I want to love to where in this metro-area I want to live. I’m an extremist: I love the big city energy or the the quietude of the country. Lately, I’m leaning g more toward the sticks.

Change, big change is in the air. It’s so thick, I can cut it with a knife.

The planet in charge of transformation, Pluto, is in the late degrees of Capricorn and is currently conjuncting my natally conjunct Venus and Mars (yeah, been attracting transformational relationship experiences), in my 10th house of careers. So, there’s a lot going on up there.

Good transformation is possible in my domestic life because that same transiting Pluto is sextiling my Moon in Scorpio. With my Aries ascendant, I have a, “natural chart,” with each sign on the house normally associated with it. So, the Moon rules my home and domestic situation.

I feel good change coming.

This same transitting Pluto is traveling through the 7th house of marriage and relationships of a man I care about-if I’m guessing his chart correctly. Pluto will then be sliding into his 8th house of shared money and financial resources. I hope he’s getting the positive change he seems to need, and maybe even want. He’s so talented at what he does, and is a good soul, I can’t help but care about him even though he hurt me.

In summary, 2022 is my year for positive change and growth and I’m going to try and do what I need to do to get the life I want.

Holy crap it’s after 5:00 am. Going to sleep.

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