2:00 am Friday morning blog post

This could also be known as the, The waiting for the drain opener to unclog the tub drain, but that’s way too long, even for me. But, that is what I am doing; I am waiting for the imitation Mr. Plumbr to work. Yes, it is spelled, p-l-u-m-b-r. Anyway, it’s the cheap version sold in fine establishments, such as Walmart. It’s like a buck for a 32 ounce bottle.

Yeah, I’m up later than I wanted to be. Going to bed early Wednesday night backfired. I was exhausted, and even though I went to bed at around 11:20 pm (early for me), it wasn’t early enough because I slept for eleven hours. I slept right through my alarms. I’m a very deep sleeper. Not giving birth, ever, has let me keep that ability all my life.

It’s theorized to be a survival instinct that women become much lighter sleepers after giving birth. I’m not sure where I read that, but it makes sense. Moms need to be on alert when they have infants and young children. If it’s a true scientific fact, I guess it could be related to the fight or flight psychological response to danger.

I think I’m lucky to be a deep sleeper. Let’s face it, danger happening is kind of on the low end of the probability scale, unless you are a dare devil and court it.

My timer went off, but I’m going to give it another few minutes before I flood the drain with hot water. The directions say to run hot water through the drain. The problem is after letting the solution work it’s unclogging magic the water in the pipes cools down, so the initial water that gets run is cold. I ain’t about to go boil any and haul it upstairs.

That’s the least of the problems with this particular drain. I’ve never used so many bottles of Draino and Mr. Plumbr and this cheap stuff I just used, before moving into this lovely abode. I wish I could meet the idiot who put in this tub and congratulate him, or her, for being a moron. This drain clogs, badly, about every three weeks. I usually try to use the plunger first. It clears it for a day or two, essentially just postponing using the chemicals. I’m sure they are hell on the environment.

I just flooded the drain with hot water, and guess what. It’s still clogged, just not as badly. I put the other half of the bottle into the drain.

While I was pouring the bottle’s remainder into the drain, I noticed I am using, Mister Plumber. I guess that’s how this product legally distinguishes itself from Mr. Plumbr.

This is about $1 a bottle at Walmart. It doesn’t work so hot.

Marketing, such a capitalistic tool, a form of applied psychology, actually. I would probably be really good at that, but everyday I’d get home and feel like I had to bathe in medical grade soap. I’d feel cheap and dirty. Advertising is a slippery enterprise. I love humorous ads and commercials, all the others just feel like cheap ways to get everyone’s attention and money. It must have been invented by narcissists.

Speaking of which, I’ve been reading a lot about these personality disordered humans lately. They are scarier than borderlines. trump made researching narcissistic people fashionable, because he is one fine specimen of narcissistic personality disorder. I’m starting to think his spouse is also a narcissist. They do attract each other. I just learned that. Also, they tend to admire the celebrity ones and be fans.

I’ve also been reading up on the disorder because I think I have one kind of in my orbit, but I’m not sure. Information and knowledge is power; if need be, I want the power to deal with this individual.

I briefly lived with an elderly lady who I am pretty sure was a covert narcissist. There are two breeds: covert (vulnerable) and overt (aggressive/arrogant). Hmm, can you guess which kind trump is?

This roommate I referred to above is a covert kind; they like to play victim. “Oh everybody always disappoints me. Oh whaaa!” This new person I believe is also covert. They actually can reek more damage in their families than the overt kind, because their ploys (and they almost always are) are more subtle. I don’t think they are known for cunning so much as just having memorized a pattern of behavior that has always been successful in getting them what they want.

Cunning takes intelligence, narcissists can be stupid. Again, witness trump. Psychopaths, on the other hand, can be cunning. Many of them are a standard deviation, or two, above the normal IQ of 100. That puts them possibly in the 115-130 IQ range. Ted Bundy was a classic psychopath: scary smart. Charles Manson, I believe, is (wait, did he just die not long ago?), or was, another psychopath. In high school I read the book, “Helter Skelter,” by the lawyer who prosecuted him and his followers for the Tate-La Bianca murders in LA in the late 1960’s. I’ve been fascinated by these psychological mutants ever since.

I’m sure reading that book planted the seed of my interest in majoring in psychology later in life.

Then again, my academic interests are this: I don’t like business, well maybe accounting cause it’s hard. I love everything. That’s why it took me so long to graduate, that and my alcoholic mom getting especially alcoholic and going into a coma and dying. That kind of put a damper on my education. Vinyl Fever in north Tampa loved to see me and my waitressing tips come waltzing into the store. Music was my Valium. My album collection mushroomed in 1985.

Yeah, vinyl was the main medium in music at that time. I’m old as dirt, but my brain refuses to believe that.

It’s time to flood the drain-again. It better be clear. I want a shower.


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