Not the news I wanted

I had the appointment at Complete Care to hear the preliminary results of last week’s MRI and x-rays. I was really hoping they showed signs of healing.

Nope. “Pretty badly torn rotator cuff. I’m glad we got the MRI’s.” So, now, I’m going to see my THIRD orthopedic surgeon.

He’s a DO. I like that. Three people in the office today said he’s amazing and that I’ll be in good hands. So far, I’m happier with how I’m being treated at Complete Care than I was treated at Rothman Orthopaedics. I will NOT be spreading any happy news about them.

This office seems filled with genuinely kind people. There was a sense of fakery at Rothman. Not everyone gave me that vibe, but by the last couple of appointments there I felt like I was some kind of burden on them.

Everyone said Dr. MacLaren is pretty geeky and gets out all the images and even draws pictures of procedures he might do. I was told to jot down questions; apparently, he loves to answer questions. “He’s just amazing.” I was told by three different people.

My attorney is working with Complete Care to make sure his treatment is covered. He’s the one working with my insurance companies. Even if I run out of State Farm coverage, he negotiates with Florida Blue because my primary can’t write authorizations.

Holy crap, healthcare in the USA sucks so badly compared to what it SHOULD be. I know a lot of doctors get frustrated with paperwork issues that they find annoying, at least that’s what many of them have told me.

I’m just so sick and overwhelmed by all this accident fallout still occurring almost SIX MONTHS later.

Universe, you gotta steer; I’m over it.2

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