This guy is our LEGAL President!

US President, Joseph Biden delivering his speech on the one year anniversary of the attempted coup.

One year ago today people around the world watched as a huge band of uninformed, delusional misfits stormed the American Capitol building in Washington DC.

I was home. I had the day off. I didn’t even know what was happening until one of my Facebook friends from Australia messaged me. I turned on CBS and was completely stunned and nauseated.

I never thought I’d ever witness anything so gruesome happening in our Democracy. It isn’t that I didn’t think trump was capable of of attempting to rile up such an event. I’ve known since the 1980’s that he is a vile, lying, scumbag, crook who most likely had a personality disorder.

I have ZERO respect for him. I have ZERO respect for his family. I have ZERO respect for his tribe, whose only talent is practicing cognitive dissonance.

Yes, we are a country divided. But, I refuse to embrace the willfully ignorant, the willfully stupid.

Joe Biden was legally, fairly elected the 46th President of the United States of America.

Photos I took of my TV screen 1/6/2021. Yes, this violence really happened. The rioters should all be in jail-and in counseling.

Remember all those who died, were injured, or endured trauma.🙏🏻

2 thoughts on “This guy is our LEGAL President!

    1. trump needs to go further-away. I’ve loathed him since the 1980’s. Then I was embarrassed to have him as a fellow Democrat. He switched parties down the road. He’s a despicable piece of shit. I loathe his whole useless family. I was completely shocked when he began winning primaries and got the Republican nomination. My head started spinning in 2015 and has just begun to slow down. Biden isn’t perfect, but he is an intelligent, educated, respectful human being. He’s faced for difficulties than any other new President and I back him. His biggest blunder was how we got out of Afghanistan. Our military should have been doing a better job of preparing the people of that country how to deal with the Taliban.


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