I’m stuffed…and kinda sad

IHOP in Oviedo.

The girls and I had some chores and errands and we had IHOP on our brains and were allergic to cooking. So, we broke down and stopped for chow in Oviedo.

Signs of the times: mask requests and supply shortages.

I didn’t get an omelette or pancakes. That is a stunning turn of events. I was kind of craving a cheeseburger. I got a bacon cheeseburger and added avocado. It was delicious.

Our server, Mia, was a sweetie. I always over tip good servers. I left her 24%.

I’m sad because of the anniversary that it is. I’m relieved no rioters got away with any terrorism in DC this year. Those scumbags belong in jail and to have their voting rights permanently rescinded. I’d also love to deport them to demoted non-planet Pluto as well.

CBS Evening News tonight remembering last year’s January 6th. WKMG Channel 6, Orlando, Florida.

I’m also a little sad because I’m still squeezing out the last vestiges of interest in someone I assigned too much credit, class and kindness to. It’s mind blowing he’s so lacking in courage he can’t explain himself to me.

It still fucking hurts. I’ll survive. He, however, will probably be haunted by the memory of his bad behavior. I know this because, I do believe he’s a good soul-a fraidy-cat soul, nonetheless.

I get the vibe that he is so overwhelmed he cannot see the forest for the tress. We’ve all been there. If he ever grows a pair and decides he needs a shoulder to cry on, my left one is available.

Speaking about the first anniversary of an attempted coup at the US Capitol, Biden described needing to shine the light on the wound and fully face it to fully heal. This is how I feel about this personal experience, and all my bad emotional experiences. This is why I don’t just flip that switch. It’s why I don’t instruct my psyche to immediately, “just let go.” In my case, that’s counter productive.

Biden is also correct about the insurrection of last January 6th. If we fail to look at what happened straight in the eye, honestly, we will learn nothing.

Personally, I love learning and am unafraid of it.

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