So long 2021

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Twenty-twenty-one has been one giant suck fest. Things started on a bad note at the end of 2020. Then I got a new job that turned into a disappointment.

Things sucked right from January 1, 2021. I was disappointed by a certain man who recently disappointed me a second and last time. I’m done.

Then in mid-May things improved a little in that department only to crash again earlier this month. I’m done.

I’m not concentrating on that disaster, just venting the last gasps of anger and disappointment. It isn’t my loss. He could of had me.

In under 24 hours it will be a new year. I love beginnings. So, I’m wiping the slate clean and I’m posting some images to remind myself that 2022 is going to be a 180 degree change-drastic improvement.

The photos that follow were all shot by me, PM Sykes.

I want to match four more numbers this year
Changing of the guards.
A good start to not killing plants.
Sky over Aloma Avenue in Winter Park. December 7, 2021.
Blue sky over Winter Springs, Florida.
More visits with my spiritual animal: the blue heron. This bird was on the fence right outside my apartment. I caught up with him a few doors down.
Silliness is usually a good thing.
Nice surprises on the way home.
Maybe, but love relationships are not going to be a focal point.
Mallory Square sunset. Key West, Florida. June 2005.
Thank you, Chelle.
Portland, Oregon in my future? Hopefully, as a travel destination to help me decide on relocating there-again.
Simple pleasures: sitting outside with some java, especially if it’s from Java, and chocolate,
Cute fur babies.
Lower Keys sunset. Florida Keys. June 2005.

2022 is going to be more like 2005.

The disappointing job has been way less stressful and more enjoyable since the front end management change that occurred while I was on leave. I think it’s a good omen. Maybe what was disappointing can improve?
More book reading.
Hopefully, trading the CPAP machine for the embedded chip.
Fun photo safaris. Key West, Florida. June 2005.
Beauty in unexpected places. Sky over the Walmart parking lot in Oviedo, Florida.
Cool astronomical events. Moon over Winter Springs, Florida. August Blue Moon, 2021.
Maybe we can mostly ditch the masks this new year.
I hope I can get my plant skills back.
Hopefully, I can get the right knee (on left) replaced before I head to Oregon. I was supposed to do that when I got the left one done. Lack of money got in the way. This is May 2021.
More playing with and earning a living with words.
My favorite Tarot card. I want this to define the rest of my life.

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