Random tid bits

It was kind of a weird day. I slept really horribly last night, and I didn’t get to sleep until about 3:30 am. I was itchy all day, yesterday. It’s not unusual for me to have this symptom when my respiratory allergies act up.

What worried me were the small hives I had on my chest and upper arms. Then I got paranoid because I just ended four months of pain treatment taking Naproxen. I got switched over to the prescription grade ibuprofen. Each pill is 800mg.

As my struggle to achieve sleep continued, I became hypersensitive to whether the itching was beginning to burn. I was paranoid I was getting Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. That’s a rash that can kill you. Burning itch is a hallmark symptom.

I first heard about this rash when I was diagnosed with bi-polar 2 and my psychiatrist was prescribing Lamictal. That drug, and other mental health meds are associated with cases of Stevens-Johnson.

S-J Syndrome can also be caused by many over the counter medicines, such as ibuprofen. What is scary is that the onset can be sudden. One day ibuprofen is killing a headache, and the next day, it can be causing a dangerous rash.

These thoughts swirled in my head as I finally drifted off to sleep, so I’m sure it wasn’t high quality sleep. I did awake hive-free with no itchiness. I even took an ibuprofen with breakfast and I haven’t been itchy all day. I think I’m good.

If you want an ear and eyeful, google Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, but don’t do it while you are eating. Trust me, the photos are shocking and scary.

My roommate, Rose, actually had it in 2017, and spent almost a month in the hospital in downtown Orlando. About a month after she got out, the effects were still with her because her hair fell out. It re-grew, but at the time, she learned that that wasn’t guaranteed.


In other news: here are some pics that describe my day.

Dr. Robert Terwilliger, aka Sideshow Bob, Krusty the Clown’s sidekick who turned to a life of murder and mayhem.The Simpsons,” is a creation from Portland native, Matt Groening.

I rang up this 20-something guy who looked to be mixed-race with this cool wild mop of curly hair he had controlled on top of his head with a wrap. Tendrils drooped here and there. I said to him, “I love your hair. It reminds me of Bob Terwilliger.” He busted out laughing and said, “Some guy just told me that last week.” “So, you know who that is.” “Oh yeah, I love , ‘The Simpsons,’” “Yeah, it’s one of the longest running shows on TV, and I’ve driven on the road he was most-likely named after.” A lot of Simpsons characters were named after NW Portland streets.

I was surprised this kid knew who The Simpsons were. Good to know that the younger generation gets the humor.

Whoohoo, I won four bucks on Powerball last night. I matched 19, the Powerball, and 45. My friend, Chelle, also won four bucks. Maybe we can get shots of espresso at Starbucks. Ha! Not likely, I have to have moo juice with Starbucks coffee because it is over-roasted.

I spent the four bucks on two new PB tickets. This one has 9, and 28, among the numbers. September 28th is my ex-husband’s birthday. When this ticket wins, I guess I’ll have to cut him in. Yeah, well that would happen anyway.

Photo by Brian L. Colleen 12/28/2021

Speaking of my ex, Brian, he texted me this photo of his backyard in Portland, Oregon. They got snow overnight. I’m so jealous.

My trip home from work took me and the roomies to Publix (I know, stunning!) where I got a Boar’s Head wrap and Boar’s Head hummus that was on sale at half price. Oh twist my arm, and again, for the Pop Corners chips.

Yes, Publix is evil.

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