Just goofy fun

I’m exhausted and slap happy. So, this is mostly going to be silliness.

And, oh so random.

When I arrived home, Rose gave me my mail. I was giddy that there were NO BILLS. Whoohoo. Then I was absolutely gleeful because my only piece of mail was my groovy Portland Travel magazine. I usually get one every year. Our first year of COVID sort of killed all ideas of travel

Gawd, I want a road trip! So bad.

It’s just so fun to see a lot of things that were not in PDX when I lived there in the 90’s.

Portland has become quite the foodie town. I got to see the genesis of this trend during my time there. The number of restaurants exploded at the end of the 90’s. I miss walking to a great eatery and then partially working it off with a stroll downtown and then an urban hike home. Hiking boots are welcome in most restaurants there for the same reason jeans are welcome in performing arts theaters or opera houses. It’s such a casual town.

Map of the Portland region.
Stylized map of PDX.
I used to live in this part of town.

Areas I would consider living if I moved back.

The Columbia Gorge boasts world class windsurfing.

Bo Bo, the Wonder Dog, got a new hairdo. Now, he’s ready to pick up chicks.

We had to stop at Publix on the way home from fetching me at Sprouts because we had no purified or distilled water left at work by the time I got off at 4:00 pm.

Rose and I wandered the produce department. I was looking to see if Publix had the white strawberries that Sprouts had this morning when I did my produce walk. They did. They are being marketed as berries du blanc. Publix had the exact same ones Sprouts is selling. They are grown in Plant City, in Hillsborough County.

Plant City is about 30-40 miles East of Tampa. I believe the town is named for Henry B. Plant. Plant City berries are pretty well known. There is a Strawberry Festival there every March.

The produce dude washed three berries off for me, Rose and Vickie, who was waiting in the car.

After the girls picked me up from Sprouts, I poked around Facebook and found an assignment for us to complete as we drive to Publix.

I get this in my newsfeed.

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