Today’s personal tidbits.

I have to get up at 6:30 am. My work shift is 8:30 am to 4 pm. So , this bloggie has to be a quickie.

Oh the joy.

Ugh, it’s a regular shift with a meal break and everything.

Rose and I tracked down a possible ACA healthcare plan from Florida Blue for Vickie. I’m so sick of seeing this sweet, kind lady in physical pain. It hurts me. She needs my miracle worker orthopedic, Dr. Hudanich. I think BOTH her knees need replacing. I think she’s going to get the policy. She’s thinking about it-needs to do some budget juggling. I’m crossing my fingers. She’s going to have my primary, Dr. Lauridsen; I love her, too.

Weird calls today-spoofs. Three of them. Different numbers. Two of those numbers are, “non-working,” according to the polite computer voice that interrupts the call when I dial it to check if it’s fake. I have good intuition about which ones are fake. The third call just rang and rang until the normal default greeting asked me to leave a message. It sounded like a private person’s number. I’m wondering if either Apple or Consumer Cellular can detect if a spoof account has been used and flags it as a possible scam. I’m betting, yes. Technology has improved since 2003, when I began getting spoofs from my stalker-well, then he was just a crazy, insecure grad student who had a crush on me. These calls give me a different vibe cause I haven’t heard from the stalker in about a year. It might be someone else who has a spoof account. I have a couple of candidates. I’m so blessed in that department. Lol. Lucky me.

My wayward ex-husband who moved back to Portland found a new home with a group of hippies. Hippies in Oregon? No way. He texted me an hour ago. He says they aren’t party animals, but I’m suspicious. It’s his prob, not mine. It took just over a week to find a place. That’s good considering the housing shortage in PDX right now.

Well, that’s all I got for today. Oh, I ate too much chocolate. Is that even possible?

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