At a crossroads

Time to let some people, places and situations go. I just have to figure out which ones.

I’ll be ok. I know one who will he losing big time, but that’s his doing.

Maybe details later. Just had to vent a little.

June 2005. Key West, Florida sunset. I fiddled with the photo to make it look like a painting. I took the original shot.

3 thoughts on “At a crossroads

    1. Yeah, I’m doing ok. Going through a lot this year. 2021 gave me a huge collection of medical issues. Thank God only one of them turned out to be the, “possible cancer,” that they all could have been. It was skin cancer (squamous cell), which I’ve had before. I live in Florida, which has the highest numbers of skin cancer cases in the US. It’s not called the Sunshine s
      State for nothing. Anyway, I haven’t met the point at which all these issues are at a maintenance state. My next colonoscopy, that happens in July, will give me a better idea. But, I’m pretty sure I’m going to move back to Oregon sometime next year. Thanks for your concern❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹

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      1. Ouch. Love the tone of your comment despite the challenges you’re facing. I’ve always heard a lot about Florida and Oregon, even as a Malaysian, so I hope to see or hear more of your home if you’re sharing. Hope the upcoming news is good once July rolls around!

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