Publix is evil #3528

Well, I fell down the Publix rabbit hole-again.

Honestly, I’ve been pretty good in keeping stuff from leaping into my Publix shopping cart.

My 22 year old Publix sweatshirt I bought from the first Publix I worked in. It was a huge store in Port Charlotte, Florida, about two hours south of Tampa. I wore it to the store tonight and one of the managers stopped me and had to get the story of how I acquired it. I don’t think the company gets them for employees anymore. I paid $12 for mine.

Publix is evil because the company puts the products it sells under magical spells so they can sniff out which customers are even THINKING of THINKING about buying them.

For example, the Lindt chocolate bars were the first things that jumped off their perches and into my cart. They KNEW I wanted them. By the way, evil, tempting men are equally as magical. The band, Heart, even recorded a song about this called, “Magic Man.” So, I know I’m not nuts.

Chocolate bar Olympic tryouts, perhaps? Go figure. I was powerless to put them back on the shelf. They are obviously in cahoots with my still-healing right shoulder tendons.

Double the evil. Lindt and Ghirardelli chocolate on sale simultaneously. I bought two Ghirardellis a few days ago. We reached a chocolate emergency at home.
This was my grocery list before I went to the store.

I went to snag the things I needed most, well because, I feared being distracted by more tempting groceries. So, I headed to Cheese World and neighboring Moo Juice Land. I actually remembered to look at my list and see, “milk,” had been typed into my phone. Yay!

Cheese World presented options. Both Kraft and Cabot bar cheeses were on BOGO. I think I’ve told ya’ll that my favorite side dish with cheese is cheese.

This sale was a no-brainer because Cabot is really excellent cheese. That means something coming from someone who used to work for Boar’s Head. I got a Seriously Sharp and an Extra Sharp.

I went to the Water World (wasn’t that a Kevin Costner movie?) aisle. I wanted to avert the near panic attack I had last night when I thought I was out of purified water for my CPAP machine.

I wanted to get some dishwasher machine cleaner cause our machine isn’t draining completely. It’s been awhile since we cleaned it. And, lookie here, it’s on BOGO.

BOGO coffee next to BOGO DW machine cleaner.

Three feet away was BOGO Palmolive. We usually use Dawn or Ajax, but this was a better deal.

Oh look, my two favorite colors. How could I say, “No?”

Ya’ll already saw the bags of Eight O’ Clock coffee up above. Yep, on BOGO. Unfortunately, I think my Mr. Coffee machine is on its last legs. Today it acted as if it needed coffee to make coffee. I cleaned it not too long ago, too. Man, our machine takes a lot of abuse. I know, what a shock.

Just down the aisle from the coffee was cereal. Early this morning I blogged about how addicted I’m getting to this new kind of Cheerios. Well, Geeze, I lucked out: Cheerios on BOGO!

I picked up a box of Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate mix. It wasn’t on sale, but it was hitchhiking. I felt obligated because had I not stopped, it might have been picked up some sociopathic Publix shopper.

Also not on sale, but I bought anyway were my allergy meds. The Publix decongestant has been missing in action the last few times I’ve been in Publix. It’s the same story at Walmart with their store brand. I got it and a bottle of Publix anti-histamine because I’ll probably have to wait for a cargo container to get unloaded in LA the next time I need them.

I think I covered everything.

I pushed my Publix cart to an open cashier, just to keep her and her bagger from getting into teenage retail worker mischief.

Ha! That’s funny. I’m probably more of a problem child than either of those two adolescent girls combined. Sometimes I scare myself.

I got cash back to give Vickie five bucks in gas money, get a Powerball ticket and have a little change.

To quote Lt. Columbo, “Just one more thing.” As I was walking toward the door I passed the table of Christmas decorations. They are selling the Abominable Snowman from, “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.” Aww, cute. Nope, not gettin’ it-tonight.

He’s actually is on TV as I type this. They really don’t look the same, but that HAS to be from where they got the idea.

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