Another very late night

It’s 4:38 am ET.

I was reading then I realized I was hungry. I went downstairs for a bowl of blueberries, and those new Oat and Almond Cheerios. That cereal is addicting-very tasty.

Then Vickie, sleeping in her air mattress, awoke and announced she was making pancakes.

Now, I’m starving.

Where are my pancakes?

I haven’t slept.

But, I’m staying awake for pancakes.

Heh, I just spent 5 minutes scrolling through the photos in my phone to find one of pancakes. Damnit, this is French toast.

I came up to my room, after pulling the butter out of the fridge. I turned on my phone. When I got to Facebook I felt drawn to a page I’m trying to avoid, cause my crush is pointless. I liked the latest post. Shit. That man is evil. I think he might be at least as addicting as those damn Cheerios.

Going to check the status of pancakes.

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