Oh my God, we drove past Publix!

Tuesday was errand day. It’s the second of Vickie’s two consecutive days off each week. She’s worked at Walmart long enough to be able to pretty much get what she wants schedule-wise. Rose also had the day off.

Sky over Oviedo Walmart.

Our day began with a trip to the main branch of the Seminole County Library in Casselberry. Rose had to print out some stuff for her online class. I just wanted books. The Friends of the Library Store was still closed. It opens at noon. That was a good thing. I can go nuts in there buying cheap used books.

I entered the stacks in search of an Elizabeth George novel I haven’t read. Nope, not successful there. She’s written 21 Inspector Lynley books. I’ve read 20 of them.

I didn’t find any Tim Dorcey or Carl Hiaasen books. So, I yanked a Michael Connelly book off the shelf. Later, I realized I’d already read it. Doesn’t matter; it’s Connelly, so I know it’s good.

Two books I checked out and two I bought off the carts holding books for sale.

I saw this book by an author I’ve never heard of, P.C. Doherty. It’s title caught my attention: “Spies of Sobeck.” Sobeck was my mom’s maiden name. The novel is set in ancient Egypt. This will be fun, I thought. One of my favorite anthropology classes was, Life and Death in Ancient Egypt. It was one of the hardest classes in UCF’s anthropology department. So many pharaohs I loved it, though.

While I waited for Rose, I sat on a chair next to two carts of books for sale from the Friends of the Library store. There was a lockbox to stuff donations in. Paperbacks were 50 cents, and hardcovers were $1.00. I got two hardcovers: a Janet Evanovich novel and a true crime book about a murder in an Atlantic Coast state.

After the library visit we had to go the the Seminole County Tax Collector’s office, where the DMV is. Vickie got her license renewed.

That office cranks out the customers pretty quickly. We were only there for about 45 minutes.

I needed more coffee and a snack. On the way to Rothman Orthopaedics in Winter Park, we stopped at Starbucks on Aloma Avenue. I bought Rose and I mochas and I got a ham and cheese croissant.

Rothman was right around the corner on Lakemont. I filled out my parts of the Family Medical Leave Act paperwork and one of the receptionists helped me. She scanned everything and gave me my blanks back and photo copied the Rothman medical records release. It might cost me $100 to send these records to Unum. That is so ridiculous. Dr. H., my knee replacement orthopedic, only charged me 10 bucks to fill out the paperwork. Even when I had to send more paperwork, he didn’t charge me anything else. At least I got that ball rolling. My return to work date going to have to be pushed out to the end of November because of the therapy hurdles. My shoulder was painful to today. I know it is the tendon.

I’m still having issues getting the next group of occupational therapy sessions authorized. I sent my OT a text message yesterday asking for an update. He never responded.

Sounds like another man I know. Different story. I digress.

I’d paid for Vickie’s new license so we had to pop by her bank so she could give me the cash for the check I wrote, and we shopped for dinner.

It was shocking and spooky to see so many empty shelves. I sure hope those cargo carriers get unloaded and sent on their way soon.

These three photos, above, are from the Oviedo Walmart, where I used to work and Vickie and Rose still work.
All Walmart employees, upon leaving, have to have their bags checked and compared to the receipt. They also check the insides of backpacks. This is Vickie and Rose getting their bags inspected. I was spared because I’m no longer an employee. Don’t get me started.

Two more stops: my bank to deposit cash and the Goodwill to drop off three bags of donations. It always feels good to unload.

We continued on down Tuskawilla, turned onto SR 434 and completely stunned ourselves by driving right past the Publix at the Winter Springs Town Center.

We’ve been home for over ten hours and I’m still in a state of shock.

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