Oh, happy Monday

I confess. I’m one of those weird people who likes Mondays. I just do beginnings better than endings. There is too much tying up of loose ends. I’m more of a, “Yay! It’s Monday. New beginnings!” girl.

This is why I stopped drinking heavily on New Years Eve. It dawned on me in my late 20’s that starting a new year with a hangover is not such a good idea. I used to treat my hangovers with Gatorade. I hate Gatorade (and other sports drinks) because it tastes like dirty socks and some other unidentifiable unpleasant thing that has no business being in my mouth.

My Monday today was devoted mostly to medical issues. I know, such a shock.

Sun shining on the window of the Orlando Health Medical Pavilion in Oviedo.

Originally, I was supposed to have my squamous cell surgery follow up in December. This was for the lesion I had on my left shoulder, the stitches of which were in place when my car got creamed in Casselberry. A month ago I found a quarter size rough spot on my lower right leg. It looked like a rash. It wasn’t the least bit itchy, so I called my dermatologist’s office. A nurse had me send them a photo.

Yeah, kind of scary looking to me.

Since every biopsy Brooke, Dr.Jeff’s ARNP, has done of my skin parts has indicated some form of skin cancer, I’ve been betting that I would need a biopsy on this thing and it would yield something not good.

Brooke and I were in the same page. She did have to biopsy it and was hoping it turned out to be some kind of fungus, but the fact that it wasn’t itchy concerned her. “That’s exactly my thoughts,” I told her.

So, they numbed up my leg and took a chunk of that spot out, and put a bandaid on it. At least this biopsy seemed to be less complicated than the three previous ones I’ve had.

It looks like I got attacked by someone welding a hole puncher.

I have a follow up appointment for May 9th 2022. I cannot believe we are at the end of 2021. Of course, if the biopsy result turns out the way I think it will, I’ll be getting that pretty little hot pink spot lanced out of my leg. Oh yay!

I remember how scared I was the first time any part of my body was described as cancerous. I heard the news from this very capable staff at Dr. Jeff’s (Moskowitz). It was very freaky. I had a very bright pink spot on the back of my right hand come back as squamous cell carcinoma and a very bright red dime-size spot on the right side of my chest come back as basal cell carcinoma. Yay for variety, right? That was in early 2019. I will probably hear the results next week.

Yeah, I don’t have enough medical issues to deal with. I’m lucky I don’t have brain cancer. I’m grateful. I really am.🙏🏻🙏🏻 I will take the skin version as long as it is not melanoma.

After my appointment, I sat downstairs in the huge lobby and moved some vascular appointments to fit in with Vickie’s days off because I seriously doubt I’m even going to have a car before 2022 arrives. It depresses me when I think about it. I’m grateful to have Vickie, once again, helping me get to these appointments. She’s a saint.

After those medical adventures I drove-yes, Vickie let me drive her beastie-to my second home, Publix at the Winter Springs Town Center. I bought some dinner fixin’s. I’d been having a craving for tofu, sautéed veggies and basmati rice. I bought all that and this:

It reminded me of that, “Seinfeld,” episode.

It leapt off the display into my cart. I was completely helpless to return it to its friends.

When I arrived home I learned there were thawed chicken thighs in the fridge. Vickie and I ended up making chicken, rice with Italian green beans. We’re about to chow now.

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