It’s getting dark…

…so, I’m in the front yard with Bo for a quickie potty break. His mommy is still at work.

Daylight savings time ended at 2:00 am. It’s 5:42 pm with the darkness of 6:42 pm yesterday.

I hate switching back and forth between the two time schemes. “Schemes,” seems like the right word because I feel like they were born from some evil mind. My gut says there is a connection to capitalism, which is such a good idea on paper. However, there are too many amoral humans who, when given a mile, take 100. I’m over them.

Today I have the energy to do some physical work. I’m clearing out some paper clutter. I hate that my clutter clearing keeps getting interrupted by health issues. But, at least today I can make a dent in needed housework.

Tomorrow I have a dermatologist follow up. I had the squamous cell removal just before my car got destroyed in August. Since I’m so pale, I frequently go and get checked for scary spots. There are a lot since I practically grew up on Indian Rocks Beach on Florida’s Gulf Coast. I have one now. It hasn’t gone away in the four weeks they wanted me to watch it. It looked like it was a small rash. But, it’s different now. I’m betting a skin biopsy is in my immediate future.

I also have to text or call my occupational therapist to see if my therapy is going to restart. These frequent reauthorizations are ridiculous.

The sun is pretty much gone and Bo wants in, and I have more paperwork to plow through.


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