Chocolate is food, right?

Blech, I slept like crap. What else is new? I woke up several times today. At 11 am I lathered on more Biofreeze and fell back asleep.

That reminds me. I need to call Dr.Lauridsen to get a new CPAP machine.

I took a hot shower to get some steam on my pinched nerve. I swear, I’m the only person I know who could get a pinched nerve from following post-surgical instructions by taking sitz baths.

If it’s weird, it happens to me. Hey, Universe can you send me some winning-the-Powerball-jackpot weirdness? I could use that, and so could the 20-odd people I’d split it with. And, they ARE odd people; they are my friends. And quite a few were art majors.

I wrestled my laundry basket downstairs and I started coffee-mostly decaf, folks. It’s not why my sleep is messed up. I had to take a Naproxen (prescription-grade Aleve). Pain meds need to be taken with food.

I ate a Lindt chocolate ball and swallowed it with milk.

The Lindt ball is 70% cocoa; don’t judge me.

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