I really didn’t mean to lie….

…I know, I said I was going to post a round up type blog, but I’m beat. It’s been kind of an emotional day.

Knowing I still have hoops to jump through for my leave of absence for that ridiculous company, Unum, just sucks the energy right out of me. Plus, my back is killing me.

Kristin, the nurse practitioner I saw today called in a new prescription of muscle relaxers. Thank God. I’m just a hair or two from not needing them. But, I’m kind of confused about her dosing: one and a half pills (I do have a pill splitter) every four hours. Well, if I stick with that schedule religiously, I’ll be taking 4,200 mg a day. Holy moly. That’s more than last time-with the same medication. I’m not going to be waking myself up to take these damn things.

Anyway, I am going to relax with a Tim Dorsey book. My occupational therapy starts tomorrow. I have to cancel an appointment I’d made with my primary, that I totally forgot about. I swear old people retire so they can keep track of their medical appointments. I never want to be that kind of person.

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