Twenty years, today

It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long since almost 3,000 innocent human beings lost their lives in the most horrific brand of external terrorism in American history.

I have a longer blog planned. I was unable to finish it today. I am still overwhelmed over dealing with the tasks related to my accident, and other events. I am also working on fixing my 404 error message that appears when people try to open the links to my blogs. I have a lot going on. But, I couldn’t let this day pass without pausing to think about that surreal day.

Let’s never forget.

Let’s try to repair the divisions in our country.

I know it is very difficult. Let thinking about what happened in NYC, Pennsylvania and Virginia, remind us that there are things that should not be politicized and that we should try to face reality as one.

VIRGINIA The Pentagon


NEW YORK CITY The World Trade Center

This man’s expression sums up the utter disbelief, confusion and pain felt by millions of humans around the globe.

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