And, the accident fun keeps on coming

We finally retrieved our pile of mail from our box. I wouldn’t have been able to unlock the box and empty it. This is the third consecutive day that my shoulder is sore-again. I think I’m going to have to wear that stupid sling around the house-at least part of the time.

In the pile of mail was a bill for five days of storage of my totaled car at the tow company in Longwood. It’s for over $400. So, that was from 8/5 to 8/10. Today is the 21st. The insurance adjuster from Geico, the insurance company of the causal driver, called me yesterday to inform me that that storage expense was MY responsibility. She told me that I could probably make a deal with the tow company for them to buy it. That comment combined with her obnoxiously cheerful voice, which spread the message, “I don’t have a clue,” was too much for me to deal with on a completely empty stomach. My response to her was, “Well, that’s just peachy,” and I hung up. Then I texted my attorney. He later told me he called her and had to leave a voice mail and she hadn’t called him back.


Yeah, right.

Universe, I surrender; you have to help me out.

The letter said, that if I don’t deal with it, the vehicle will be auctioned off on 9/15.

2 thoughts on “And, the accident fun keeps on coming

    1. You betcha. It’s the way auto insurance laws are written in the no fault state of Florida. Gotta protect businesses and fuck the populace. My dad used to rail against it in the 70’s, and he was a Republican.


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