Yeah, that means I’m $70 poorer

I’m poorer cause I had to pay my yearly dues on my domain name. It’s worth it, but I wish it would have happened in April or May. It gets automatically deducted.

I’m glad I reached this milestone. I wish all the blogs were mine. Lately, I’ve done a lot of pingbacks cause it puts less strain on my right arm. The voice activation doesn’t work so well. I have roommates (yes, plural, for now. We’re looking for a three bedroom place) and I kind of like privacy when I’m writing.

Anyway, accident lawsuit is draining. I think I’m close to getting at home physical therapy. I’ve been working on it for over a week. So many PT agencies don’t handle car accident cases, and thus, don’t take State Farm Auto. I’m having to use my Florida Blue. So, it’s absolutely imperative I keep that health insurance.

I have to start really believing in that financial miracle.

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