Italian wedding soup craving & a weird dream

I had to settle for Progresso’s. It isn’t bad, but I swear, the best Italian Wedding soup I’ve ever had was the the one we served at the the Barnes and Noble Cafe. NO, THE CAFES ARE NOT STARBUCKSES! I had to get that off my chest. The people who used to insist the cafe was owned by Starbucks were so annoying. “Nope, sorry my paycheck is from Barnes & Noble.”

Progreso Italian Wedding soup.

I digress. My sleep patterns are so wonky, as is my appetite, and that’s weird, because I still maintain that the only thing truly coming between me and my appetite is death.

Today I awoke several times, each time feeling as if I’d been hit by a bus. It wasn’t the good kind that you might feel when you experience love at first sight. It was the crappy kind that left me feeling as though I hadn’t slept at all.

Last night I thought I was going to get to bed early, but then at 11 pm, it became obvious that my body merely borrowed that pizza Rose got us for dinner. It was probably a little stress mixed in. However, my innards are very sensitive and it seems that if it detects even one extra bad bacteria cell, it unleashes everything I ate.

Needless to say, I was afraid to go to sleep right away; I sat up in bed reading a Janet Evanovich novel-one from the Alex Barnaby series. This one was, “Motor Mouth.” It’s mostly set in Florida, so there are many colorful characters. I read until I felt as though I would not have to dash anywhere. That was at about 1:40 am.

Episodes such as this reek havoc on my blood sugar levels. I awoke several times feeling as though my stomach was hollow, but I was so exhausted, I just returned to sleep.

I had some really weird dreams. The last one I remember some details from. I was living or staying in this cute, but weird cottage-like house that had a very odd floor plan and was painted in bright Caribbean influenced colors. My friend, Pat, was there along with one of her other very close childhood friends, and something was terribly wrong with her nose. They were helping me prepare to move to Oregon-or go on a long trip there. At some point, an adorable man, who shall remain unnamed, showed up with two suitcases. I recall we talked about the fires out there, but I was still determined to go. Weird.

Finally got up and realized it was a ridiculous hour, so I forced myself to sit up. I realized I had a craving for Italian Wedding soup. I had a can in our pantry; it became my breakfast. I just finished it and I’m still hungry.

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