Sunday pain

Yay! I thought I was past that part.

Firstly, I didn’t roll out of bed until 1-ish. I hate my schedule being so f**ked up. I have to google how long it takes to flush out methylprednisone. Rose thinks it’s, “awhile.” I think she’s right. Ugh.

Some time this morning I awoke in bed with excruciating pain in my right shoulder. It felt like a danger was in it. It was as bad as the day after the accident. I rolled onto my back and thought, fuck, I’m going to have to resort to the Oxy.

Ok, that’s all the details I’m giving because of the lawsuit.

I’m eating, “breakfast.” Cereal with bananas, blackberries and coffee. No kidding, coffee. I know, what a shock. The berries are from California, I’m pretty sure, are kind of sour. Rose and I noticed that about the last batch of blackberries we had. Sometimes I think California produce is overrated. But, it’s food. I just bet if those berries were from the Williamette Valley or from around Mt. Hood, they’d be sweet.

There’s some fluidity going on in my domestic situation. I can’t get into details, but it could be good, in the end. Keep your fingers crossed.

I still have to make my Go Fund Me page and apply for SNAP and SNAP cash.

I gotta go get more coffee before I turn into a pumpkin. Maybe I can squeeze out a blog later.

Damn, 12-sneeze sneezing fit. At least it helps open my sinuses.

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