I’m up too late-again

I think that damn methylprednisone, which is more potent than regular, garden variety prednisone, is still seeping out of my body.

My roommate pegged it. When I first got the script I asked, “Does this shit make you drowsy?” Because for some reason, I thought it did. “No,” she said, “It wired me, keeps me awake.” Oh boy, has it.

I have been thinking of how to tackle my financial issue while I’m out due to some other driver’s condition (still don’t know if it’s a DUI case or not). I’m going to really look into finding an at home job. My typing is getting way easier. I still have pain, though, so I can’t go nuts-I know I’m already there.

Other projects are to work on are getting my blog site connected to different accounts. I do have a Twitter account I don’t really use. I might have to start up an Instagram. I really don’t want to be too glued to the computer or phone screen. For over a year, it’s been almost exclusively, the iPhone screen, but I think that’s starting to lose its charm.

However I seriously, will need third party help. I would really like that to be the lottery, but it ain’t cooperating much, I did win four bucks on Cash 4 Life. I didn’t know till I walked over to Circle K and checked my tickets. Whoohoo, it’s better than zilch.

In other news I’m trying to not think of that adorable (hot pink shirt man-blog on 7/9) man have a huge crush on.

Im trying to remain philosophical: if it’s meant to be, somehow, when the time is right.

Anyhoo, whoa, something has me stoned. I’m on too many meds. I need to crash

I just know that the lesson I’m trying to learn is how to have faith again in the Ultimate Power and how to let go so things can, “ work out.”

If you can help and either have a PayPal account or don’t mind opening one (it’s free), I could use some donations of any amount. Go to the PayPal login. It prompts you. My account is:


Toodles. Thank you for stopping by❤️💖❤️‍🩹🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.

Reversed Star. It indicates feeling hopeless-needlessly, because forces one can’t see or control are pulling strings in your favor. Boy, it had me pegged.

Note: 3:57 pm Sunday 8/15, I edited some stuff out.

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