Mental numbness is setting in

I just had to call and cancel my trans-vaginal ultrasound because I have no car due to it getting totaled on Thursday. Thank you, driver who slammed into three of us in Casselberry.

My attorney’s office called twice and sent a text. First, I called Sprouts (my work) to see what hoops I jump through to get on leave of absence (LOA). I have to call a company called Oonum or Unum. I’ll get the spelling once I call. I suppose they are like Sedgwick, who handles LOA’s for Walmart and other companies. We like our middle level corporations that help other corporations, here in the USA. It deters responsibility and inserts another level of expense that gets paid for with higher prices and lower pay for employees. Walmart and Sprouts are no way the only companies who do this. I imagine, Target, Publix, Darden, Chili’s, Red Lobster are in that group. I would bet good money they all do it. Maybe it’s more professional-probably so all the bases get covered, and probably an invention made by lawyers. How ironic that would be. Yeah, we love our lawsuits in the USA, too.

I’m in a position of initiating one. I wish the system wasn’t like this. I wish the system never HAD to be designed to be like this. Unfortunately, some people are irresponsible and the responsible shouldn’t have to pay for the actions of the irresponsible.

So, I called my attorney and had to leave a message. It might be lunchtime. I said, “I will call you back. My biggest concern is food and coffee right now.” I mentioned needing a rental car and finding out how I get one.

Before food and coffee, I have to clean my skin cancer surgery wound. The area has become itchy. I think that’s supposed to be good. The stitches come out in a week. I sure hope I have a car by then. I CAN’T cancel that appointment because if the stitches don’t come out in a timely manner they can begin growing into my skin.

Doesn’t that sound pleasant?

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