In other news…

Today was an ordeal dealing with accident chores.

Called to see how I apply for leave of absence. Got the number and name of third party entity. I received two texts and two calls from the attorney. Talked to first attorney-medical liaison. Told her I had a referral to an orthopedic the hospital gave me. Mine doesn’t do accident cases. It’s not uncommon. Those cases are time suckers. My orthopedist likes taking care of people not legal paperwork, I’m sure. I wish he could treat my broken shoulder cause he’s awesome. So, stuck with another orthopedic clinic.

Then I talked to my actual attorney. I like him. It was our first actual conversation, so I had to fill in a lot of blanks for him. That took probably an hour. Then I had to call my auto insurance and report my accident. It was a short conversation cause I don’t have collision. Can’t afford it.

By far the longest chunk of my day went to dealing with the causal driver’s insurance. It took forty minutes just to get a human on the line and while he was patient, I swear he has ADHD. I kept having to repeat info. “I’m sorry I zoned out for a second, could you repeat that?” Maybe he’s a horrible typist and took all his energy just do that. I know I hate to type. It’s boring.

Since I was the first to make a claim against this dude’s policy, I had to give up all the driver’s info. Talk about repeating stuff. Lots of long numbers-policy numbers, VIN numbers, addresses, etc.

I had to take my arm out of the sling cause it’s impossible to write with a pen, and holy crap, my hand writing is horrible with this injury. It needs subtitles AND a Rosetta Stone.

I’m typing with just my right index finger and I have to move the whole phone to put the correct key under my finger.

After the call with Crash Dude’s insurance company I had to call the tow company. My car is stuck in limbo In Longwood. I can’t even remove an empty travel mug because of the police investigations. There are two. In Florida, whenever there is an auto crash involving severe injuries, a criminal investigation is done as well as a traffic investigation. Each vehicle is treated as a possible crime scene.

I always did like all the, CSI tv show franchises. The original is on right now, on the Mystery Channel.

Long story short: ran out of time to call the LOA people or the new orthopedic. The tow company was only open till 5 pm. The lady who answered was nice enough to answer my 5:05 pm call. I thanked her profusely. Also, I won’t be getting a rental anytime soon. Lots of paperwork..,,long story…too exhausted to even understand all the reasons. Gonna call my attorney again tomorrow.

In other news: kale is magical. I’ve been eating it with everything-soups and eggs mostly. I think it is the main reason my diverticulitis flare up has subsided significantly.

Kale in my pan before I covered in liquid eggs.

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