Thank God I’m within walking distance to my pharmacy

If Walgreens wasn’t on the corner right near my house, I’d be screwed. The ER doctor gave me three prescriptions. The one in the photo is a steroid. It’s too late to start it today. Steroids always have whacky instructions. They start you off with about 6 pills at specific intervals and you get gradually weaned off them. I was supposed to take two before breakfast. Fat chance, now, it’s 5:08 pm.

I’m not sure if I’ll be here often. It’s hard to type. My arm is in a sling. Plus, my attorney said to keep the info sharing to a minimum. And, I can only share info about my dead car. If I get to the point where typing isn’t a literal pain, I can maybe write a few of the not so personal blogs I’ve wanted to write, I took a pain killer before embarking on this blog.

Medical frustrations are a pain in the ass. I have to take a leave of absence from work. Yay! I’d really rather be able to work and have the means to get there. My own means, not someone else’s or a bus or taxi.

I feel like shock is taking over. I stayed with it long enough to jump through the immediate rings. Now, it’s really starting to hit me what I was just EXTREMELY LUCKY to live through. And, I lived through it with ZERO airbags deploying. It’s a miracle. It really is. I’m grateful to have lived through this.

Trailblazer was first at red light. I was behind it. The Rav 4 was behind me and it was struck by the guy driving the Ford Ranger.

Also, miraculously, everyone has auto insurance. THANK YOU, God. The driver who caused this was unconscious at impact. Regardless of why, I hope he is ok.

I really cannot believe how complicated and f@&$);:/ed up my life got starting last August. A solid year of hell preceded by five months of coronavirus terror.

I know we all need a break. I want to get through this, achieve financial stability and ability to afford my own safe, clean, comfy, pest-free home. Oh, a dependable vehicle would be awesome. Then I want a long bleeping vacation.

In trying to maintain my twisted sense of humor, I did note a couple of humorous things.

See that elongated red triangle on the front of the Toyota Rav 4? That’s the Pontiac badge from the rear end of my car. Why is it face up since the Toyota rammed my car? Physics is phunny.

This is the driver’s side floor of my car. See the gold colored CD on the floor? That’s my Tom Petty, “Wildflowers,” CD that’s been stuck in the broken CD player for about a year and a half. I’ve never listened to it. That’s how I discovered the CD player was broken, and apparently, hungry.

Yeah, I was so overwhelmed about the event, I forgot to grab it before being driven away in the ambulance. My first ever ambulance ride. I don’t ever want to repeat it. I also forgot to grab the gallon of purified Sprouts water I had just bought. I was more concerned about my pound of Sprouts butter melting in the Florida heat. It’s in my fridge right now.

It’s also funny that I hit a Trailblazer of all the SUV’s flavors out there. What does that say about my connection to Portland? Lol.

I’d also like to have a refund on the gas I put into my Pontiac just before I got onto Aloma to drive home.

Im grateful it wasn’t worse. I have some wonderful angels around me.

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