Back at AdventHealth in Altamonte Springs

The ongoing four car crash saga.,,

I arrived home last night a little after 11:00 pm. A Casselberry cop picked me up from the hospital and drove me home. I hadn’t been interviewed yet about my part. So, we did the interview on the hood of his Ford SUV.

The ER at AdventHealth Altamonte.

I have to say, the Casselberry PD personnel have been wonderful.

Through this officer I learned that the driver who caused this accident had passed out at the wheel. It made sense given the lack of squealing tires.

By the way, I have type with only my right thumb and by moving the phone to underneath my thumb. I yelped loudly trying to pull my Sprouts shirt off before I got into the shower at about 4:00 am, this morning. And pulling off my jog bra was almost impossible. I didn’t even try putting a bra on before I left for the hospital, and I put on an Hawaiian shirt.

I’m back here because at around 4:30 am, the X-ray department called and told me to come back for a Cat scan or MRI. They found a possible fracture.

Yay! Plus, I had to spend $15 on a Lyft ride here. I took a screenshot of the receipt.

More later. I need to talk to the attorney.

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