Rambling thoughts

It’s 4:48 pm. I’m relaxing in front of the local news before I head upstairs and take a shower. It’s so hot. I thought I was going to melt while walking from my car to my front door.

I guess I shouldn’t whine because there is that nasty heat dome over the mid-west. That area is going to reach triple digits. Not as hot as the Pacific Northwest did last month. The PNW is less used to the heat than the mid-west.

I had to stop at Publix because I was getting lottery tickets and needed some cold items. If I’d shopped at Sprouts cold stuff would die in the car unless I hauled it with me inside. Didn’t feel like doing that.

Stuff I got at Publix.

Today was my first day back to work, post-colonoscopy. The first part of the day was not so bad. The second half, which began before my lunch, and only break, was kind of rough. My gut still feels a little tender. The throbbing ended. So, that’s good.

Later I’m making dirty rice with sausage and veggies. I need to get moving because I want to finally watch Sunday’s episode of, “Evil.” I need to get to bed pretty early. I work the same shift tomorrow, 8:30 pm-3:00.

7:23 pm: Dirty rice and sausage is cooking. Putting in cornbread in a few minute. It’s not homemade; it’s from Walmart. It is actually, excellent. I think I like it better than Publix Bakery cornbread. Their bakery doesn’t have it very often and the Walmart cornbread sells out fast.

On numerous occasions, when I worked there, either I or Rose would try to score a package after our shifts and they would be all gone.

I am still so relieved that my colon revealed no polyps and no signs of cancer-nothing to biopsy. I feel like I have a new chance. I just have to get this diverticulitis flare up to settle down. I’m just so glad to know what is going on.

I still have to finish my Rover profile. It takes two weeks to get through the background check. Then I can start walking doggies and cat sitting.

I need to make a transition from earning most of my income from retail. I was checking out work at home jobs earlier.

I have to make improvements.

10:19 pm: I found some, “Law & Order,” episodes on the Mystery Channel. It cut into my, “Evil,” watching time. I’m going upstairs to go to bed in about five minutes.

10:55 pm: I paid the Duke Energy bill, Whoohoo. How exciting. I’m proud that I pried myself away from, “Law & Order,” to go upstairs and get ready for bed. I deserve a medal. Lol.

11:01 pm: “Evil,” watching postponed again. I’m exhausted and my abdomen is very painful, but IT’s NOT CANCER, oh thank God.

Getting ready for bed. Need to find clean jammies.

I’m glad I remembered to pay the electric bill. Rose paid her half via the computer. Not happy that she can just plug in my account number and pay it. That’s gonna change.

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