Finally home, and…

…satiated. This is going to be a quickie cause I pushed things driving from IHOP to Publix and from Publix to the Winter Springs City Hall to pay the water bill (gotta remember I wrote a check), and from there to home. Total distance was probably 12 miles, tops, but driving is on my list of activities to avoid.

I’m such a rebel. Lol.

I will be back later, but I need to chill. I will probably go watch my show, “Evil.” I was going to watch Sunday’s episode yesterday, but I was not all here, mentally.

Right now, I’m having a watered down glass of one of my favorite juices, which is, the Northland brand of Blackberry-blueberry-açaí. It’s dark reddish purple, so I couldn’t have it since Sunday.

Well, I’ll give you the news: NO POLYPS! Healthy looking gut. The colonoscopy cannot detect IBS, but I’m guessing some of those symptoms will subside a little. I’m going to give my gut a few days. Dr. Gidday told me to go ahead and make an appointment and we can talk about it.

Other good news: I don’t need to go through this for a YEAR. I’m so relieved, and wiped out. I’m glad I have off tomorrow, too. I requested three consecutive days off. I figured that if it was bad news, that I would really need that extra day.

On the way to IHOP from the Digestive Center I asked Rose to stop at a convenience store so I could use the privy and get a banana.

The first solid food in two and a half days. It was the most delicious banana I’ve ever eatenand the spendiest. Ninety-nine cents at the Circle K on Semoran and Aloma in Winter Park. That’s way more than three bananas at the grocery store.

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